Cork Floor Repair Guides

Reparing a Cork FlooringRepairing a cork floor is not a difficult task, especially if you have some home improvement experience. This section of our website was designed to help guide and educate the homeowner on how to properly repair a cork floor. One of the issues with other sites is they don’t provide information on both types of cork flooring. You will either have cork tile flooring or a floating cork floor, each requiring a different repair guide that you need to read. Below you’ll find a description of each cork floor repair guide and how to determine if that guide is right for you.

  • How to Repair a Cork Tile Floor – This is the right cork floor repair guide for you if your floor is made with cork tiles. Cork tiles will generally be square and be about 12” x 12” in size, but this can vary. Cork tiles cannot be installed over a previous floor and require glue to be installed. If you believe your floor is made from cork tiles then you want to read the how to repair a cork tile floor guide.

  • How to Repair a Floating Cork Floor – This is the right cork floor repair guide for you if you floor is a floating cork floor. Floating cork floors will generally be plank size, with the length being far longer than the width. A floating cork floor is generally the do-it-yourself choice because it doesn’t require any glue and can be installed over an old floor. If you believe your cork floor is a floating cork floor you’ll want to read the how to repair a floating cork floor guide.

We hope one of the above guides is able to teach you how to properly repair your cork floor. If you still have trouble please feel free to contact us. If you’re looking on how to install cork flooring we recommend that you read our cork flooring installation guide.