Cleaning Cork Flooring

So, you want to learn how to clean your cork flooring? Luckily you've chosen one of the most durable and easiest to clean flooring materials available today. With a little elbow grease and some common sense you'll be able to keep that 'just installed' look of your cork flooring and have it last longer than the cork flooring in the Library of Congress; and that's been there since the 1800s! Below are a few key points to keep your cork flooring look as best as possible

  • To keep your cork flooring from fading do not let excessive sunlight hit the flooring for long periods of time. Curtains, drapes, blinds, window treatments, etc are a good way to prevent this while adding a more decorated look to your room.
  • If you have any potted plants located on the floor level you'll want to add a pot drip pan underneath them to prevent water from seeping into your cork floors. Cork is one of the most mildew resistant flooring materials on the market, but long term abuse will lead to damage.
  • People moving or relocating furniture is when the most damage is done to cork flooring. The strength of cork flooring is due to its cellular honeycomb structure, so weight isn't an issue. However, if you drag furniture across cork flooring it will damage this structure and rip holes into the flooring. Make sure you lift furniture and don't drag it.
  • A good way to prevent scuffs in your cork flooring is to place felt pads underneath all furniture located on top of your cork flooring. This includes tables, dressers, beds, TV stands, etc. You'll find felt pads that can be cut to any size and will be unnoticeable to any guests over for dinner.
  • You'll also want to consider breathable mats in the front of any sinks or exterior doorways to prevent the build of moisture. You'll want to stay away from rubber or other non-porous material; this will prevent the build of moisture underneath the mat itself.

Proper Cleaning of Cork Flooring

Even though cork flooring requires low maintenance there are still a few things you need to do to keep your cork flooring in tip-top shape. You'll still need to periodically vacuum and damp mop your cork flooring once a month. It's generally a good idea to vacuum or sweep your cork floors weekly. Once a month you should use damp mop your flooring, however avoid excessive amounts of water. Your cleaning solution should be a PH-balanced detergent or mild soap. Avoid any harsh cleaners as they will damage your cork flooring and void your warranty.