Benefits of Cork Flooring

The addition of cork flooring to your home or business has many benefits for both the consumer and the environment. No other flooring product can actually compare to cork flooring in terms of benefits. This web page was designed to help educate the consumer on the six major benefits of cork flooring and help the consumer decide if cork flooring is the right choice for them. Below is a list of the six major benefits of cork flooring, simply click on a benefit to learn more about it. We're sure that after you review the benefits of cork flooring you'll want to add cork flooring in your home or business.


Cork Flooring's Comfort & Softness

The Comfort of Cork FlooringCork flooring is one of the most comfortable and softest flooring materials available on the market. There is no other wood-type flooring product that can compare to cork flooring in this field. The secret to the softness and comfort of cork flooring is its cellular structure. Cork flooring's cellular structure is honeycomb like, containing up to 90% gas in each honeycomb. There is an average of 40 million of these honeycombs per cubic centimeter. This cellular structure allows cork to compress up to 40% without damage and return to its normal size. It's also what gives cork its softness and comfortable feeling. If you're looking for a wood flooring solution as comfortable as carpet with padding then cork flooring is the solution for you.

Cork Flooring Health & Safety

Cork Flooring SafetyCork flooring has excellent health and safety benefits that any consumer would love. There are natural properties in cork that are resistant to pests and make it anti-allergenic. Suberin is the naturally substance in cork that makes this possible. Suberin will repel pests, mold and prevent cork from rotting. Studies have shown that suberin also gives cork flooring fire resistant properties. Cork flooring also won't release any toxic gases when burnt. The natural properties of cork make cork flooring one of the safest flooring options for your household. However, certain sealants and glues used with cork flooring can effect its fire resistant properties.

Cork Flooring Insulation & Noise Reduction

Cork Flooring Insulation & Noise ReductionCork flooring is one of the best insulation flooring products on the market. Cork is often used in wall panels to reduce noise, with this considered it's obvious how cork flooring would be great at reducing noise created by flooring. This is all due to cork's honeycomb like cellular structure, which is how it reduces both noise and vibrations. The gases located in these honeycomb like structures actually absorb and reflect noise and vibrations. Materials such as vinyl and traditional wood flooring can't compare to the noise reduction abilities of cork flooring. Cork also has natural insulation properties that can help reduce heating costs in the winter and provide a warm surface to walk barefoot on.

The Beauty of Cork Flooring

The Beauty of Cork FlooringCork flooring is hands down one of the most beautiful wood flooring products available on the market. Cork flooring will provide your home with a natural wood flooring look without the requirement of chemicals or paint. The natural patterns in cork make some of the most unique flooring designs. You can get cork flooring in virtually every type of color available to match any decor setting. Regardless of your taste or style you'll find a cork flooring pattern to match perfectly in every room of your household.

Cork Flooring is Eco-Friendly

Eco-Friendly Cork FlooringCork flooring is absolutely the best way to go if you're trying to go green in your household. Cork is a natural renewable resource due to the method it's harvested. Cork oak trees provide cork material via their bark. They are harvested every 9 to 10 years by stripping off a layer of bark. They can do continual harvests through their life time and don't require the tree to be cut down. This means not only can you have wood flooring in your house it will also be from a sustainable source which doesn't require deforestation. If you're ready to join the green movement or simply want to help the environment then cork flooring is the solution for you.

The Durable Cork Flooring

Durable Cork FlooringWhen it comes to a flooring solution you always want something durable that will last long enough to be worth the investment. This is exactly why you should consider cork flooring as your next flooring solution. Cork as a material is very durable and can withstand both pressure and force. Just imagine a cork stopper in a wine bottle, it can stay compress for years and return to its normal shape when opened. The same will go for your cork floor. It can withstand abuse from children, pets and furniture. In fact, the cellular structure of cork makes it able to withstand mold, mildew and moisture; which we all know can severely damage flooring. If you're looking for the most durable flooring solution then cork flooring is the way to go.